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1. The site of the ekaterinburg family club a youth is more detailed
Family club. a site for the future mums about preparation for a birth of the child. set of councils to beginning parents and those who only is going to become them, beginning from for pregnant women before consultations on development of the kid. thishttp://imyatvoj.ru/|http://vsevkusnoeprosto.ru/|http://bujitsu.ru/|http://izo-kursk.ru/|http://alianselogistic.ru/
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2. Leader group is the industrycompany wellnesspro
Leader group everything that is necessary for success - wellnesspro, balanced diet nutrition, a healthy diet, work from home, business opportunity.
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3. The medical equipment, iatrotechnics. medical pro
The medical equipment, iatrotechnics - sale, service, professional consultations.
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4. The organisation of the medical centre 3800 c.u.
The organization of the medical diagnostic centre 3800 c.u., complex diagnostics of an organism 25 c.u., internet shop bud, the goods for health.
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5. Bud nsp in russia
Nsp (nature's sunshine products) - the leader in manufacture bud (biologically active additives)
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6. The portal of the psychological help to invalids.
Our project is unique inherently because we do an emphasis on people, in accordance with the circumstances, limited physically, but, in no event, we do not draw a distinction between sick and healthy. and whether it is possible to spend it? after all so the border between health and
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7. Clinic siberian - the best cosmetology clinic of tomsk
C of clinic siberian is thin. there is an updated information on clinic services, the description of methods applied in the course of various manipulations, tools and preparations, the feedback form. clinic projects (the program baby-plus, discounts)
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8. The site of healing
Real predictions of your destiny on every day are described. the foreteller, the healer, an analyst - jasjukevich pavel fedorovich. 100 c.u. a month. without advance payment
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9. Surgical treatment an aneurysm of vessels of brain
In the russian centre of science of surgery operations by the patient with brain aneurysms, etc.
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10. Treatment of hair are performed, and
Chzhanguan 101 is the world leader in a hair reconstruction and treatment of various forms
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