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The all-russia meeting

competition development in the market of mineral water

"Vermont consulting" "Struggle with and a fake of mineral water"within the limits of an exhibition"Interdrink-2010" (3-4).

Joint memorandumIn which have shined a current state of the market of mineral water in russia, the basic problems of this sector and a way of their decision.

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The all-russia meeting

competition development in the market of mineral water

The press release of meeting


To download the form of the participant of meeting 02.02.06

Meeting questions:




Carrying out date: on february, 02nd, 2010

The venue: especially protected ekologo-kurotnyj region of russia
The caucasian mineral waters

The meeting is spent with support:

The state duma of russian federation



The legal company vermont consulting

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Information sponsors:

: ,

Organizing committee:129010,, .,9.

Bodies. \a fax (095 684-25-67, 684-25-68.


The world at its finest - 2010

The international forum "the world at its finest - 2010".

The forum there passed on september, 27-30th, in moscow at the all-russia exhibition centre, pavilion 70 ("moscow").

The forum included 6th international conference "water, drinks and juice" 6 " ". The state duma of russian federation, .



13th international exhibition alcoholic, soft drinks and the process equipment.

The exhibition passed on october, 3-4rd, in moscow, expocentre, pavilion 7, a hall 1.

An exhibition site: www.interdrink.it

Exhibition is the largest action of alcoholic branch for representation and advancement of regional brands of federal value in the russian market. exhibition unites on the platform of the basic manufacturers, importers and distributors of the alcoholic and nonalcoholic market of russia and is a key to success for many companies beginning the business in this sphere.http://4956171171.ru/|http://gorka-club.ru/|http://emotions73.ru/|http://ledalliance.ru/|http://srf09.ru/

Within the limits of an exhibition, on october, 3rd has passed a round table on a theme "Struggle with and a fake of mineral water".

The round table"Struggle with and a fake of mineral water"

The memorandum of participants of round table

 Vermont consulting Aqualex - the project of the legal company "vermont consulting"
"Vermont consulting" 2010
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